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The Under The Hood Show

Listen to the Under The Hood Show every Saturday morning on 1230 KHAS Radio. From 7am - 9am Russ and Shannon will answer your vehicle questions.

About the Motor Medics
Meet The Motor Medics Russ and Shannon
Shannon is the parts wizard. You would be hard pressed to find a vehicle that Shannon Nordstrom has not seen inside and out right down to the last bolt. He has a vast parts knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. Shannon can describe in great detail parts and their applications on most any vehicle and he keeps up on all of the latest changes in the automotive industry through direct involvement adding to his knowledge every day. Shannon's full time job is as President of Nordstrom's® Auto Recycling in Garretson, SD. Shannon sits on several advisory boards and is Chairman of ARA's Certified Auto Recyclers Committee. Shannon has grown up in the automotive industry and has spent his entire life working around all aspects of vehicles from beginning to end. He is also an ASE Certified Engine and Parts Specialist.

Russ is the technical guru. Nicknamed The Supertech on his first show by a listener he is sometimes accused of being a "freak of nature" when it comes to his extensive knowledge of automotive systems.
This acquiring of knowledge started way back in Livonia Michigan in the early 70s while living next to Ford automotive engineer John Locke. As a child Russ would spend hours tinkering with parts John would give to him. When his father purchased a 1925 model-TT Ford truck to restore he learned even more about automobiles and that quest for knowledge continues today. Russ enjoys working on and researching vehicle systems, including everything from electronic computer controls to the deepest internal mechanical workings of components. He has often successfully given diagnostic information right down to the color of the wire and does so without the aid of any in-studio reference. Russ writes articles for The Motor Market, a publication about cars and other motorized vehicles. He is an ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician with advanced level engine performance certification and has also earned certification through Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, AC Delco, and BMW. He was voted President of the South Dakota Automotive Service Association four consecutive years and is currently the manager of the Nordstrom's® Installation and Diagnostic Center and Nordstrom's® Factory Performance in Garretson, SD. Nordstrom's® Installation is a full service automotive repair and diagnostic center where the Motor Medics® gain much of their hands-on day-to-day knowledge.
Nordstrom's® Factory Performance is a performance shop located in the same building where the guys build custom efi wire harnesses and build fuel injected engine packages for use in street rods and muscle cars

You will find these guys intriguing. No computers or reference guides are used in studio to answer questions. The most common question they have asked of them in public is "How do you guys remember all this stuff?"

At just 41 years old and born just one day apart Together they are The Motor Medics® Listeners enjoy their on air chemistry that brings both information and humor to the program. Making it fun and entertaining for all.

Call to be part of the show at 866-594-4150.

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