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Applicant anonymity bill being debated in legislature

Posted: 02/06/14 08:27

Should the names of applicants for top jobs at the University of Nebraska be kept secret until the finalists are announced? A legislative committee will take a look at LB 10-18 today. It was introduced by Sen. Galen Hadley on behalf of the University of Nebraska. It would change public record provisions… so that information on applicants for president, vice president and chancellor at the university would be withheld until four finalists are announced. Regent Tim Clare supports the change, saying the university loses applicants to other universities because of the policy. Media of Nebraska, an organization formed to deal with freedom of information issues, is coming out against a the bill. There have been editorials about their stance in Nebraska Newspapers. One in the Lincoln Journal Star said, “This is a shabby way to treat the taxpayers who pay the bills for the university. There’s no justification for allowing a small group fo power brokers to make such an important decision in secret.” The hearing is scheduled for 1: 30 tomorrow.