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Public records bill set to change anonymity of applicants for University positions

Posted: 02/07/14 08:53

Sen. Galen Hadley introduced LB 10-18 in committee yesterday. It would change the public records law in the state right now the top four finalists for a president position are revealed, the university wants only the final name revealed. Sen. Hadley and other proponents said itís a growing trend at universities across the country. Tonn Ostergard is on the board of the Nebraska Innovation Campus. He says the current process puts Nebraska at a disadvantageóthat they wonít get the best pool of candidates. Opponents of the bill argued that cloaking the search process would lead to public distrust, cynism and that it goes against the public nature of the university. John Bender is a University of Nebraska faculty member and on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. He said the public should get the chance to compare the finalists. Media of Nebraska, an organization formed to deal with freedom of information issues, also testified against the bill.