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Partyline can be used to:
Buy ** Sell ** Trade ** Give away ** Looking for items** Lost & found ** Birthdays ** Anniversaries** Garage Sales

Monday thru Saturday-call us at 462-2511 between 9:06 a.m. - 10 a.m.

Partyline Rules:
1. Limit of 3 items per call, 2 calls per week.
2. Non-sponsoring businesses may not use Partyline.
3. You can't look for work on Partyline but if you want work done for you, you can call in.
4. You can't sell real estate or firearms on Partyline.
5. Please include only 1 phone number for people to contact you.
6. We do not allow selling or looking for firearms on Partyline.
7. There is no dollar limit for items on Partyline.
8. We do not allow people who breed pets for profit to be on Partyline.

Can't call into the show? Give us your information and it will be read as a Mailbag Item during the show -- Here is how you send us your Mailbag Item.

1) Email it to:
2) Fax it to: 402-461-3866
3) Mail it to: PO Box 726, Hastings NE 68902
4) Drop it off at the station: 500 East J Street from 8 am to 5 pm M-F

Thank you for being a loyal Partyline listener. We need your calls!

Tell your friends and neighbors about Partyline.

The form below is only for use if you are unable to call during the show. Calling Partyline is the best way to get your items on.
Mail bag items are not guaranteed to be read. Your item will not be on the show if you have submitted it or called it in previously this week.
Thank your for your understanding.

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